Personalized Fitness Programs


Climb the ladder of training success with Training Hidden Potential.

Strong Mind = Strong Body


We’re about more than just exercising your body – a healthy lifestyle balances a positive mindset and positive movement. It’s hard to feel motivated at the gym when you’re just another number. With a dedicated trainer and program customized to your needs and goals, you can become the best version of you.

Get the Most Out of Your Workouts

Everyone starts somewhere. Whether you’re a beginner, hitting a plateau, or looking for a challenge, our personal fitness trainer can help you find your hidden potential. Our workout programs begin with a basic foundation before we modify it based on an assessment.

Total Body Fitness Program

Support ongoing fitness goals by toning and strengthening targeted muscles.


Core Workout Program

Core work is more than just abs—it’s the foundation for a functional, mobile body.


High-Intensity Workout Program

Work on improving your overall sports performance through fast-paced exercises.

Functional Workout Program

Functional fitness helps every aspect of your workout—once you know the right forms, you see better results.


Lunging Program

Focus on building your endurance while also supporting key mobility areas.

What are the first steps?

It all starts with a free initial assessment. We guide you through a series of tests that measure your mobility, movement patterns, and muscle imbalances. With that info, our personal fitness trainer creates a program individualized to your lifestyle and goals. We can come to your home gym or membership gym if given permission. We also offer a private studio space.

Dedicated to Your Progress

Finding a personalized fitness program changed our owner’s life, and he wants to inspire others to live a healthier life too. Results can be found in many ways: feeling happier and stronger is a big one. It’s not just about numbers.

The only person you’re competing with is yourself, and we will be your biggest supporter through your fitness journey.

Are you ready to change your life?

Becoming Ronin follows the wandering man’s journey to self-mastery, and Training Hidden Potential was honored to get a shoutout! Check out the episode where hosts Smitty and OB talk all about how to make training fun again. Listen for Brad’s shoutout at 0:26.

“The Road to Greatness Is Always Under Construction.” – Lily Tomlin